Be ready to taste the best bubble teas and ice cream in town without stepping out of your home. Wow Cow products are made from natural milk from real cows! It is prepared to suits all tastes, from small kids to parents: enjoy alluring bubble teas and ice creams for the children, and unique flavors with liqueurs for the adults to indulge on.

Choose from 30 amazing flavors then pick up your waffle cone (plain or chocolates dipped with almond, sprinkles …) and add some toppings such as chocolate sauce, Nutella or strawberry syrup. Want to discover more local flavors? We have it too! The Asian-inspired flavors includes exclusive tastes such as Thai Tea, Purple Sweet Potato, Taro, Matcha mocha and more, For adults, do not miss trying the tequila sunrise sorbet. “Wow the Cow.”